Tech News: #1 Issue

“World of gadgets is the most amazing” – this is what aiia team think. We love to explore innovations because they really inspire us to create something unusual, but really stunning. In order to satisfy our thirst for novelties, our mornings start not with coffee but surfing the web finding something interesting in the incredible world of gadgets. Some news turned out to be so gripping, that it’s almost impossible not to share them with somebody. This is how the idea of the new heading “Tech news” was born. So, here we go!

1. Space Case 1

A Suitcase is very important item not only for avid travellers, but also for those who doesn’t travel much. This is the thing everybody should have. But as the technical world is constantly developing having a usual suitcase isn’t enough, because you totally need a smart one. The Space Case 1 is the latest item of a high-tech upgrade. Why? Because this carry-on suitcase has a fingerprint sensor (so that no one could open your luggage), GPS tracker (for you to see where exactly your suitcase is). The Space Case has also a built-in weighing machine, integrated Bluetooth speaker (that lets you use it as a giant phone (?!) and power-bank to charge your smartphone or tablet while you’re waiting in the queue at the airport. You can control your super-smart carry-on suitcase with the help of any smartphone, because it’s compatible both with iOS and Android.
Space Case 1
Photo by: Kickstarter

2. Opriva app.

Do you love Shazam? Were your nerves saved at least once thanks to this wonderful music recognition app? I’m sure yes.
Now, imagine, that there is the app that recognizes clothes. Orpiva developers reckons its app can recognize clothing in outfits it’s shown photos of, whether from the web, magazines or random strangers you’ve photographed because you like their dress sense. Bit creepy. But cool. Moreover, this clever app could find clothes specially for you, looking through the 15,000+ retailers and see it mapped onto the contours of your body, like a paper doll. You just need to provide your height, weight and a front on photo.
Photo by: t3

3. MindRDR TV

MindRDR TV is the first brainwave sensor, which completely substitutes the usual TV remote control. The headset features a sensor that rests on your forehead, and one that clips to your ear. Just don it, and up pops a selection of the five most popular programmes, either from iPlayer or YouTube that you can control only by thinking about it.
Photo by: Thenextweb

4. Robot Pepper

This is the first robot with emotions, can you barely imagine it? This robot is named Pepper and was created in quantity of just 1,000 items and was sold out just in one minute after the start of the sale. Absolutely amazing! This humanoid robot is able to read your emotions by scanning tone of voice and facial expressions. What for? As the SoftBank Robotics Corp say the main aim of Pepper is “to make you happy”.
Robot Pepper
Photo by: Governmentfishbowl

5. UE ROLL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

UE ROLL pumps out insane sound, in every direction, wherever you go. It’s the powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth speaker that brings the noise to hidden beaches, cliff jumps, and mountain climbs. UE ROLL is IPX7-rated waterproof. So you can take it to the beach, start a mud fight, set the mood in the shower, climb a waterfall, go over the same waterfall in your kayak and even start a dance party in the river.
UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker
Photo by: t3

6. Bulbae Xylum Apple Watch Charging Stand

The xylum is a refined, elegant and stylish Apple Watch charging dock. The charging station features a unique ring-shaped appearance, and it’s made of solid aluminum in order to deliver you charming metallic luster and minimalistic design. The custom holder works with the Apple Watch’s MagSafe charger, and its internal groove hides the charging cable within in order to prevent clutter and mess during charging. In addition, two rubber inserts securely keep the cable and magnetic charger in place, and the charging station is compatible with both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.
Xylum Bulbae Apple Watch Charger
Photo by: Bulbae

7.  iLuv Smart Shaker

Keep waking up on time without disturbing your spouse or roommate. The solution you need is the SmartShaker Wireless Smartphone  Controlled Alarm. It will pair to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will always allow you to set your alarm time and date depending on your preference and needs. You can also choose to be woken by vibration, alarm tone or both. It’s an ideal wake up alarm for couple or roommates using which you won’t be disturbing the person sleeping beside you with the alarm anymore. Just pair it with your smartphone and set your alarm like you always do.
Smart Shaker by iLuv
Photo by: Amazon