What do they want: promo gifts people appreciate

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When companies spend their dollars on promotional products, they hope to fulfil an important goal: make the customer remember them. But how to fit the taste of the clients? Are people getting what they want?

According to the 2011 PPAI research, two most popular categories people like are products that can be consumed (like food sets) and those that can be worn. Yes, it’s those t-shirts and caps again. Things like notebooks, briefcases and other items that help you collect and convey things as well as the items for communication stand strong, but they gained a little less of people’s attention in this survey.


What about the logo?

The fun thing is that the opinions on branded or generic items were divided almost into halves while only 7 percent of respondents said they would rather go for a non-branded gift. That shows quite an interesting perception: almost half of customers actually do want to have a logo on a gift. Why? Some answers included the ideas that logoed gifts have more value and that it indicates the care towards the client.

Cheap or posh?

When it comes to the price, the clear majority of respondents said they were satisfied with the items between $10 and 24.99. That actually indicates an important fact that the promo products have to be somewhere in the middle between too expensive personalized products and super cheap pens. That creates a right impression and does not raise the price of that impression too high.

What do they keep?

Finally, what makes the product stay in use for a long time? The main factor here is utility. Again, that shows why the shirts are so popular. They can be used frequently, they are functional, they often have logos.

If the company is a respected and big one, having an item with a logo on may also create a feeling of involvement. Wearing that thing allows you to convey the following idea: ‘Look, I have something to do with this really important company’.

As you can see, there’s no need to spend a fortune on promo gifts, but still, it is very important to pick things people can use and those that feel good to be used. You need to keep in mind that a good promo product can be handed to others, which is great for the company. Thus, you have to keep the quality high enough.