Tech News: #3 Issue

Have you ever got a feeling you’re about to fall asleep? Probably, in the next moment you were running for another cup of coffee in order to cheer up. Or, the opposite: it’s high time to go to bed, but you’re full of energy and the last thing in the entire world you want to do is to sleep? Guys from Thync system thought that it would be nice to switch between such modes and created shockingly amazing gadget which switches your brain’s activity: from calm to energy and vice versa. Can you believe it? We – don’t! Read about this invention and many other in our new Issue of the Tech News column!

1. HYDRA SmartBottle – Charger and Bluetooth Speaker

Staying hydrated on your outdoor trips became a whole lot smarter with the HYDRA SmartBottle. It can store 12 ounces of your favorite beverage in a BPA-free FDA approved bottle. Not only this, this bottle also comes with a detachable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This compact and powerful 3W speaker can easily connect to your Bluetooth devices and play your favorite music or audiobook on the go. You can flip it, extend its rubber legs and set it on the floor in order to enjoy better audio quality. This speaker is rechargeable and comes with a 4000 mAh power bank to ensure your phone doesn’t lose its charge while you’re outdoors. Just to add to everything, it includes three light sources to choose from so that night visibility isn’t a problem anymore. A smart water bottle of the future indeed!
HYDRA SmartBottle – Charger & Bluetooth Speaker
Photo by: Yahoo

2. Portable Car Jump Starter and External Battery Charger

Don’t get stuck on the road just because your car battery discharged by using the Brightech Portable Car Jump Starter and External Battery Charger. It can be considered as a multi-functional car gadget you can use to jumpstart your car over 10 times. Not only this, you can use it to charge your phone up to 5 times and also use it as a bright LED torch and SOS strobe as and when required. Be it a weak or dead car battery, this jump starter comes with the power to charge them all. The 10000mAh battery is long lasting and highly portable so that you can easily carry it outdoors. A must have for those who often head out for those long, long drives.
Portable Car Jump Starter and External Battery Charger
Photo by: Amazon

3. SWICH Wireless Charging Stand

SWICH is the unique wireless mobile phone stand, providing battery power and a comfortable overview on the phone with a firm and stable position designed by Lutman Design Studio. It introduced fine materials and advanced design to the world of wireless charging. It is a unique handcrafted office, hotel or home accessory and a priceless gift for the season. The rotating stand allows vertical and horizontal usage of the smartphone, along with Qi standard wireless charging. If you are a wireless charging user already, this item is, in fact, the most priceless charger you have seen. Swich is the world’s prettiest wireless charging design to date and will brighten up your desk with an organic wooden and ceramic structure. Together with a micro suction holding surface, it truly is the most advanced way to power up your phone.
SWICH Wireless Charging Stand
Photo by: Lutman

4. STROM – World’s Only ‘Charged by Design’ iPhone Battery Pack

Snapping onto your iPhone wall charger (US, EU & UK model), STROM charges along with your iPhone. Remembering to charge another device is a hassle but with STROM this hassle is gone. Its intelligent circuit prioritizes charging your iPhone before its own internal battery. With its 2.1 Amps TurboCharge power output, STROM is specially optimized to super-charge new iPhones faster than your Apple iPhone wall charger. Despite its small size, STROM is equipped with an industry-leading 3400mAH Panasonic battery and can provide up to 160% extra power to your iPhone. It’s eco-friendly, advanced shut-off circuitry means once fully charged, it consumes no “Stand-by Power”, even when left plugged in the outlet. Included with STROM is KEYBLE, the convenient keychain USB charging cable and TIDY, a simple cable clip to keep your regular charging cable organized. With STROM around, you will never worry about running low on battery again. STROM is always charged and ready to power your mobile life.
STROM – World’s Only ‘Charged by Design’ iPhone Battery Pack
Photo by: Thegadgetflow

5. Virtue Portable Charger External Battery Pack by Lepow

Enjoy fast charging Virtue Portable Charger External Battery Pack by Lepow which are durable and designed to be used on the go. It includes a 9000mAh, 2.1A capacity battery charger backup that can give your phone at least 3-4 full charges. Carry it anywhere, be it at the beach, airport or even at the campsite. As compared to the brick-styled chargers, this battery pack is a sleek design that makes it highly portable. You can even fit it inside your pocket if required. The set comes with a flat micro USB cable that is tangle free. The heart shaped LED will work as a cool battery indicator. A perfect travel gadget for the modern generation who often run out of their smartphone battery while they are on the go.
Virtue Portable Charger External Battery Pack by Lepow
Photo by: Livingwithbeth

6. Thync System

Oh my God, I can’t believe it! Vibes deliver calm or energy in as little as 5 minutes. After using a Vibe, the effect can last up to an hour and the impact can carry over for several hours. Innovative. Elegant. Lightweight. Easy to use. The Thync Module redefines wearable technology design. It’s beautiful shape and two-dimensional curvature is engineered to comfortably fit almost everybody. Thync Strips deliver Calm or Energy Vibes from the Thync Module. Each Strip layer is loaded with proprietary Thync technology and is designed for you to comfortably experience a Vibe. Strips easily snap to the Module and gently stick to your skin. Strips are guaranteed for single use but may be used several times if skin is clean and dry. Vibes are easily selected and controlled using the Thync App on a compatible iOS 8 device (iPhone/iPod). Android App coming in 2015.
Thync System
Photo by: Thync

7. Lepow Poki Portable Battery

It was created after several years of work by the Lepow Power Innovation Center with professional suggestions from industrial experts. The Lepow S+ technology reaches high standards for safety, smart, strong, and speedy. It provides portable chargers with a high quality and excellent charging experience. With the Lepow S+, the standard of portable chargers has reached a new level. The mint green Poki is a breather from the usual black and white, brick-like designs commonly found. It’s 30% lighter and thinner than batteries of similar capacity. Smooth, curved surface and tapered corners make it easy to hold. It uses strong, high-quality materials to give it this soft look. Abandon the boring! A touch sensor design makes it more fun. Forget the boring, slide across the silver line to show battery life! Complimentary is a no hassle 12-month warranty so you have fewer troubles.
Lepow Poki Portable Battery
Photo by: 1mtb

8. 3DSimo Mini

The 3D Simo Mini was designed to be the ultimate tool, perfect for everyone. The Mini incorporates an LED display that shines through the minimalist case design and is also lighter and more compact that its predecessor without compromising speed or strength of the feed mechanism. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle as well. What will you create?
3DSimo Mini
Photo by: Prnewswire

9. Rocki Play Wireless Speaker Adapter

Let all your speakers play music wirelessly with the help of the Rocki Play Wireless Speaker Adapter. By using this, you’ll be able to connect to any of your audio system wirelessly and thus experience music like you always wish to. One press of a button will allow you to create a playlist you desire. Your existing speaker systems will now turn into smart speakers with this adapter. No need to go for wireless speakers when you have those powerful audio systems already at home. Make use of this adapter and make them workable in this new wireless age now!
Rocki Play Wireless Speaker Adapter
Photo by: Myrocki