A Flash Drive to Excite: 7 Interesting Devices

Remember the hype about crazy flash-drive designs a couple of years ago? Well, today we need more than just a device resembling food and marvel characters. Of course, cute stuff is not going anywhere, but it’s not as surprising as it used to be. However, the flash drive market is blooming. It’s just that the accent has shifted from designs to functional abilities and smart ideas. Here, we’ve collected the flash drives that still can surprise you on the edge of 2015.

A good flash drive is a fast, secure and handy one. Speaking about security, if you are not ready to go for top solutions but still feel a bit paranoid about that hacking threat, you can consider buying Kingfast U2 Series Encrypted Safe USB Key. The drive reminds a regular TV remote controller, it has two rows of buttons on the front panel, but the idea here is the following: you have 6 seconds to enter the password after you press the unlock button. The reading speed reaches 20 MB/s, which is not too impressive, but the real-time data encryption compensates the shortcoming. Needless to say, the drive is waterproof, shock- and dust-proof. But we also get this: it has the algorithm that automatically destroys all the data after you enter the password incorrectly 10 times. You better write that code down.


Looking for something speedier? Take a glance at the leader in the category: Sandisk Extreme flash drive. It has a usb 3.0 interface and can read over 200 Mb/s and write at almost the same speed. The design does not impress that much, but who cares? You get a really fast device at a rather reasoned price (about $63 for the 64 Gb version).


Want to return to the hippy era imagining yourself in a crowd at Woodstock? Well, while the time machine is still being elaborated, you can go for this cute flash drive from Volkswagen line of usb drives resembling their most famous car models including beetle and the minivans.

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We’ve all seen tons of eco-themed wooden flash drives. But this one has gone a step further: it easily transforms into a wooden disk of unknown purpose. Has to be pretty nice on the touch as well. The interface is usb 2.0, but it’s all about the design. It can easily become a good promo gift.

Cool Wooden Swivel Customized Usb Flash Drives 529

And here we have Sandisk again. Seems that they’re taking the flash drives seriously. The SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive offers up to 64Gb of space. The main advantage is the ability to transfer photos to your device wirelessly without any internet connection. However, you’ll need a specific app on all the devices to access your files. It can stream from 3 different devices at a time.

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Here’s a hero of classic animated series we all know. Take Tweety to work, and you won’t get sad again. Definitely the most optimistic flash drive!


The last but not the least is the Nota Musical Flash Drive. Every time you plug it in, it plays a melody your customer won’t forget ever. Choose your jingle or a song you like and give it as a present.