It doesn’t end with logo: what else to place on your promo gift


Inexperienced companies seem to want to fill any inch of free space on their promo items with the logo. But that reminds of a teenager getting access to makeup for the first time. We don’t need that full-face awesomeness reminding of a Halloween party, neither do we strive for looking immature to the customers. Besides, there’s so much to put on your promo item that can be even better than the logo itself.

Scan it!

One of the most popular additives to the logo is a QR code. It can even replace the logo all along as the link will lead the customer (or any curious person) to the site you’ve chosen for them. Codes tend to be a pretty efficient and can serve you a good turn in case you’re giving the promo items to popularize an event. They also have this interactive feel, which can be appreciated by more tech-loving part of the audience. Just think of that successful campaign launched by Taco Bell. They placed qr-codes on certain products inviting customers to get free downloads of the Video Music Award content. Result? They collected diverse information about the users, promoted the brand and attracted attention to the fact that they were sponsoring the Video Music Awards, which was the initial goal of the campaign. So what prevents you from doing the same with your business? Add some qr-codes to your promo items to announce the event and get even more brand awareness. However, think of the target audience beforehand: seniors may not find of the idea helpful.

Events and Dates

Also, if you’re about to conduct an event, you can add the date to your promo gift. Give the items at the event to make it even more memorable or spread them beforehand to invite people. Many charity campaigns and marketing events are glad to give promo products on these days as they stay with people for long. You can mention the name of the holiday or event you are promoting. The number of causes is endless: from health campaigns to sales in shops to political rallies.

You can combine several messages on your product turning it to a really handy visit card. Just stay within the reasonable limits and imagine yourself in the shoes of your customer. This has to look good, too).