New and the Most Interesting 2015 Promo Trends

71fd1834d615f439fc44c5e6bdf2ccb5People tend to seek new opportunities and change their tastes frequently. The same goes with the promo products. When choosing a promotional item to give away, you have to catch up with the trends in order to keep your customers engaged and entertained. Ready to find out what evokes the wow-effect today? Here we go then.

Items for a healthier lifestyle

Healthy living is a great trend that has brought changes to the list of top selling promo gifts. People seem to love the things that help them come in the shape, stay hydrated, control weight and relieve stress. Well, fair enough things like stress balls, cute food containers and drinkware of all kinds are now in vogue.

The healthy living trend combined with vivid development of technology has created a whole new market of gadgets for better lifestyles like fitness bracelets helping you choose the optimal training regime. Why not use them for promotional purpose?

Eco-friendly goods

Many companies are now sticking to the eco-awareness trend, which is a great way to promote your brand and keep the Earth a bit cleaner. For instance, house goods from recycled glass, paper or eggshells can become a great place for your logo as they create a uniquely positive impression. Thus, the company gets higher loyalty and keeps a good image supported.

Handy gifts 

According to the research, most of the customers need practical things as a promo gift. At least they are among the most popular items given away. Well, that category is a bit subjective, but in general, things like bottle openers and umbrellas never go out of fashion.

Tech swag

And finally, the items for the tech-savvy customers. The wave of geek trend popularity is not about to fade any soon, thus, things like chargers, cord holders and cases for smartphones are on the top right now.

Of course, pens and other promo ‘classics’ are not going anywhere, but maybe it’s time for something fresh? Go for well-thought changes, and you’ll reach the reputation of a groundbreaker among your target auditory. Attention guaranteed now)

Prepared and Positive: Picking the Perfect Christmas Promo Gifts


Christmas is the time to say thank you to those you are grateful towards and make a small gift lifting their spirit. As for the companies, it surprisingly goes almost the same way. The gifts are planned a month before or even earlier, and it can be hard to choose the right item to give away to your customers.

To choose the right present, imagine yourself in the shoes of your customer or employee. They can buy those cups and t-shirts themselves, but what you can give is even more valuable.

Attention and individual approach

Give them what they like most. If Maserati cars are a bit off your budget, give your clients an item they’d use daily. For instance, if you’re running a tech-related company, give your employees or customers gadgets, creative class guys would appreciate stylish and fun art books while those who work outside may find it useful to get warm winter-themed scarves.

Some humor and heart

Christmas gifts are all about this warm atmosphere, so you should try to avoid unemotional corporate gifts like pens and stationery. There are other days for that. Add some deer horns to your packing or sign the gift with a humorous yet not sharp phrase. The smile you see on your customer’s face is worth ten marketing campaigns.


Some experts suggest you give your auditory self-help books to enter the new year with a new goal. Well … just don’t. There’s no better way to offend your customer. What would you feel if someone gave you the book ‘Losing Weight’? And how about ‘Begin an Interesting Life’? That’s right, annoyance.

However, a day planner could be a good thing. Many of us buy them every year anyway, and it does not mean anything offensive.

Give something that creates that holiday feeling, and you’ll make it right with the Christmas gift. Stay true to yourself, convey company’s values, and remember your customers are individuals. Good luck with your choice!

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