Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair or aiia’s Inspiration Trip

aiia is passionate about creating not just corporate gifts, but extraordinary and outstanding ones. Thus, following our dream to bring promotional gifts on the level of contemporary art we are trying to stay up-to-date, itching for new ideas and jaw-breaking innovations in an incredible world of gadgets.

That is why we just couldn’t miss the world’s largest gifts event – Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair organized by the HKTDC and held at the HKCEC from 27th till 30th of April. Looking for inspiration and great emotions, we’ve examined tons of figurines & decorations, outdoor & travel goods, photo frames, stationery & paper, tech gifts, and party & festive items. There were so many great guys with a really breathtaking ideas on a Fair this year, so it wasn’t hard find inspiration.

We’ve made many photos and videos on HKGPF capturing awesome gadgets and other items, but we want to share with the most outstanding ones:

Most of all, we liked the Hall of Fine Designs, where elite brands and designer collections are found, as well as amazingly creative and cool guys with their incredible promo gifts. By the way, last year we were presenting our products over here: in this very same Hall of Fine Designs.


Please, meet Power Tube 3000 by Mipow! This is a portable power bank with a 3000 mAh battery capacity, made for iPhones, iPods and iPads. What’s special: download power tube application from the Apple Store, connect it via Bluetooth with your device and personalize your alert setting in terms of power tube capacity, distance between power tube and your device and power tube temperature. Cool gadget! No wonder it won IF Design Award.



Aren’t these light bulbs awesome? They are for sure! Besides the unusual design, it is the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb. The winner of the Red Dot Design Award promises, that this light bulb is the last you’ll buy as its lifespan is 27,5 years.




This is for sure jaw-breaking device: light bulb, playbulb colour and speaker simultaneously! Controlling the bulb via Bluetooth from your smartphone, you can create the atmosphere you want. This is definitely a party must-have!


This multifunctional kitchen help enables you to open cans, bottles and jars without hurting your hands. The silicone materials offers extra grip so they will open easily.  We love multifunctional stuff, do you?


This Glass Mug not only looks amazing, but yet is very functional: the large infuser allows for a variety of flavour combinations; moreover can be rested on the rim of the mug to allow the tea to sieve and the upturned lid doubles as a stand for the infuser while the beverage is enjoyed.


A two-way tea-leaf compartment – Brew and Filter – allows you to choose how long to brew your tea, preventing the bitter taste of over-brewing by placing the mug upside down as well as to filter out chunk leaves, rose buds.  Such special design makes it easy to add tea right into the compartment without lump in tea.


These fancy and super-colourful speakers are not just awesome but produce a great sound and at the same time are very functional: those with the loops you can easily attach to your bike, bag, tent, tree or belt. You can loop the Loop’d pretty much anywhere! AWESOME!


This remote shutter for your smartphone camera let you take perfect pics! The sound quality from the IBomb cobble is really spectacular, and it’s perfectly clear, even at the loudest volume. All this makes the IBomb cobble the perfect fit for get-togethers. Pair the IBomb cobble with your smartphone and use the shutter button to trigger a photo from up to 10 meters away! The IBomb cobble is small, light and comes with a convenient carrying strap.


Pen & power bank. Isn’t is a great idea? Extremely useful as it combines two very functional items. We loved it.


Team Green is a team of designers dedicated to creating and producing environmentally appropriate products that incorporate fine design. New vision of a cool, but totally eco-friendly toys.


These fancy silicone things are keyholders: simple, but cute design. That is why they are the winners of a Red Dot and IF Design Awards.


Ladies! Who doesn’t need this brilliant device, put your hands up! No raised hands? Okay, I’m just kidding. This is a must-have for a lady!


Did you know that nearly everything can be produced from a cork? Well, now you know. Guys from Cork Art offer their eco-friendly products in following industries: office culture and education industry; home decoration; construction, decoration materials; food packaging industry, glass packaging; sporting goods; the toy industry; shoes, bags, leather fabric; fashion and decoration accessories; sealing material and many many other. All made from cork!


Do you want to know what’s this? This is a keychain with a LED highlighting, zodiac sign and magnet inside for you to leave your keys in a very extraordinary places. For instance, on a fridge. Why not?


Another awesome version of a speaker with a special rubber so that your phone won’t fall down. Connect speaker with your device via Bluetooth and enjoy the gorgeous sound!